Production Music for The Media
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About Us:

Moogang Media Music is an independent music company which specialises in providing high quality production music and bespoke music solutions for Film, Television and New Media. Moogang Production Music is licensed through the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and our composers are all members of the Performing Rights Society (PRS). In the United Kingdom production music may be licensed quickly and cost effectively for use in your productions. Please contact us for music enquiries if you are outside the UK. For more information about music licensing please see our FAQ\'s section or visit the PRS for Music website 

We are happy to adapt any production music tracks according to the specific needs of your production (please note that certain terms and conditions apply). If you can\'t find a track which suits your requirements we can compose a piece of music specifically for your production. For more information please visit our Bespoke page or contact us today for a no obligation quote.

We also provide bespoke music, audio, and sound design for film, television, advertising, radio, games, marketing, events, and many others. We compose music and audio for a wide range of production houses and organisations. For more information please visit our Clients page.

 Piers Wilson is the main composer at Moogang Music and  has over fifteen years experience of composing music for film, television and the media. He trained in classical piano and orchestration at the Royal Academy of Music in Dublin and is principal point of contact for all music enquiries.


© 2018 Moogang Music Ltd. All rights reserved. These sound recordings are protected by copyright and may not be used without permission. For more information please click the Terms and Conditions link below.