Nu Folk Dub Techno Funk Opera is the future…

A few months ago on here I was talking about how technology has always led to new music genres: the invention of new instruments has, throughout the centuries, led to musicians creating new types of sounds in their compositions. The other day I was asked if we had any Dub Techno Funk tracks in our catalogue which, to be honest, sent me off to Google looking for something that I might have missed. I’ve heard of Dub and Dub Techno but never with Funk thrown in.  And nor, apparently, had Google. So what? Well the point is that for years Library Music companies have been mixing up all kinds of elaborate musical concoctions  (usually when they have exhausted endless albums of Americana, Bluegrass, Hip Hop, Nu Folk Rock, Indie Rock etc etc)  in a quest to have something a bit different. Think Hungarian traditional folk with Latin Beats and Pan pipes and you might be getting close.

If you look at the “technology leads to musical innovation” idea as mentioned above, it has to be said that there have been no significant new inventions which have created new and distinct sounds and ways of working for many years. I hear the same sounds in songs on the radio today as I heard 20 years ago. We still live in an age of guitar band worship and recycled and rebranded synth based dance styles from the 90’s (And just to clarify, I am not talking about the quality of the songs but the sounds used on the overall production). Are composers possibly starting to run out of ideas for new styles as a result and this is the reason we are amalgamating genres and creating sub genres (and sub genres of sub genres)?

So to come back to the title of this piece it seems as though it is not only Library companies who are creating “new” genres from old but also the mainstream commercial music industry. The question is where are the innovations going to come from in the future without new developments in musical instruments, sampling, synthesis or whatever? Somebody, somewhere, (we hope) is working on that. Or perhaps they already have and nobody told us…

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