Want to be creative? Time to do the washing up!

Recently I read a fascinating article about creativity and what apparently psychologists call “The Incubation Period”. The short version of this is that our most creative periods are when the conscious mind is distracted by a routine, or even tedious activity, allowing the sub conscious creative part of yourself to come through. Such activities might be gardening, washing up, driving –anything that can be done without really thinking about it. You might be in the shower, standing at the till at the supermarket, or just daydreaming or people watching. This is where the ideas start to flow because you aren’t really thinking about anything at all. Perhaps this is why a lot of people have used drugs of various kinds in creative endeavours as this is perceived to have the same effect of dulling intensity of the conscious (or self conscious?) mind.

I confess that many of my ideas come about this way. One of the most successful library tracks I have written called is “Virtual Reality”. It was inspired by the sound of my electric toothbrush while brushing my teeth and subconsciously and distractedly listening to the sound and rhythm it made. Many other ideas have come from daydreaming while washing up or absent mindedly playing a guitar or piano without really thinking about where the idea is going. In a similar way I have always followed the rule of “nothing is sacred” and the really strong idea that I loved to start with may have to be canned later on as the tune develops.

So we don’t need drugs. (And we at Moogang Music, and our solicitors, do not condone or endorse their use under any circumstances). We just need gentle absent-minded distraction to be at our most creative. Perhaps this is why Monet enjoyed gardening and John Lennon loved baking bread. Who knows? But surely is is worth a try…